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Hey! So I made a video naming my favorite game jam games from the past 5 years of GMTK, and this game's in there!

That is so cool, thank you for talking about the game. I’m really happy you enjoyed it. Love the rest of your picks too, what a fun selection.

Version 1.0.2 (Mac) doesn't run for me unless I put it in Applications, it says "Unable to find game" (i'm on macos 10.14.6)

So I played through the whole thing on the Jam version before realizing I could have played the newer version by putting it in the place it wants to be :P

It was fun! I am an impatient sort, and though initially it gave me the bad feels of waiting for moving platforms, I quickly started to get into the rhythm and it felt weird and awkward, but interesting and good.

I love the walk animation in 1.0.2

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I’m always running into trouble with Mac builds! Agh! I’ll have a look, thanks for letting me know.

And yaay! I’m glad you liked it, and I'm glad you got into the turn on/off rhythm. I tweaked those durations a lot.