Update 1.1.0

This version of Cantrip introduces some tweaks that should make the game a bit more interesting. The biggest change is that each battle starts with a full hand. That means hand size actually means something, and it makes things a lot more exciting. Some cards have been nerfed, some cards have been powered up in order to make them more viable picks, and a few synergies are now easier to pull off. You also get more oppertunities to draft different cards. Lastly, the enemies have become a bit smarter. They will no longer kill themselves with combust and will no longer play completely useless cards.

This is the full list of changes:

  • Each character now starts the battle with a filled hand. The player's maximum hand size is now 7, and some of the enemy's hand sizes have been tweaked.
  • Amount of draft rounds and draft tiers were changed up to allow for a wider range of picks.
  • When drawing at the start of your turn, if your hand is full with cards marked “unplayable”, you now discard the left-most card in your hand. This should prevent any type of deadlock caused, for instance, by both players having a hand full of only “Shield” cards.
  • Enemies will no longer play “Combust” if it kills them to do so. It was fun while it lasted.
  • Cards can now only be played if they have at least some effect. This also means the NPC enemies will no longer play any useless cards. For example: “Shield bash” can now only be played if the player has 1 or more “Shield” cards in their hand.
  • “Combust” will no longer lead to winning and losing at the same time.
  • There’s no longer a chance to get a floor 2 battle on floor 3.
  • The cost of “Transmute shields” is now 0.
  • The cost of “Seance” is now 1.
  • The cost of “Revenge from beyond” is now 1.
  • The cost of “Raise the dead” is now 0.
  • The cost of “Desecrate” is now 0.
  • “Shields up” now gives you 2 shields instead of 3. Its cost is now 1.
  • “Stamina potion” now gives you 1 AP instead of 2.
  • “Meditate” now says “Start your next turn with full AP.”
  • Card effects that result in 0 damage no longer show the damage animation. 
  • The game now has a nicer logo and splash screen.
  • The cards in a player’s hand are now centered nicely.
  • Added a pause menu.
  • Added a full screen toggle to the main menu.
  • The opponent’s graveyard and draw pile size are now also shown.
  • Your victorious run count is now saved between games.



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May 02, 2019
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May 02, 2019

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